Concept design

While developing the concept design for Your interiors, we will try to solve every issue that You might have. We will carry out Your every demand which is compatible with the dimensions , rationalizing in the best possible way the spaces in Your interior. When You pick a model, thanks to our modern softwares, you will be able to see it placed in Your house in 3D. If needed we shall personalize the furniture adjusting it to the dimensions of Your living space.

Interior design

We all feel the need to have a place of our own, which will be home for body and soul, a place that reflects our personality and way of life…

Furnishing and arranging a home means creating a place of peace, relaxation, and safety in which we can hide from the world, listen to our own heartbeats and feel loved, safe and protected

Studies have proved that dreaming and fantasizing about our home has a deep and multiple meaning.. It shows our need to express ourselves and to feel important and noticed.

Your home is the image of Yourselves!

For almost two decades we persevere in turning the quote „everywhere is nice, but home is nicest“into Your reality.

Do not leave to chance the arranging of your living space, in which you have invested so much of your time and effort, so much of yourself…

Entrust Your wishes to our sales consultants and designers, for during the last two decades of business activity our philosophy was and remained fulfilling Your needs while respecting Your budget!

3D visualization

It is quite hard to imagine how Your living space will look after adding a new piece of furniture, therefore we offer You this powerful tool which shows „the future reality“ to make Your choice carefree.

We are equippied with the most modern computer programs, so that we could demonstrate most realistically Your interior arranged with the furniture You chose. This makes Your final decision much easier, and reduces mistakes to a minimum. It is possible to make a simple 3D visualization based on the dimensions of Your space, and if You have a ground plan, bring it along as well.

An even more realistic visualization can be achieved if we take photos of the room You want to arrange and simply add the chosen furniture directly on the photograph.

The highest degree of realistic visualization is in the photo quality, which includes a high level of details, careful modeling and texturing, plus a phisically accurate and precise lighting. It is possible to add a piece of furniture or a device You photographed somewhere in the visualization ,and if You desire we can also take these photographs for You. This method of 3D visualization produces a perfect photographic overview of Your future interior.

There is no visualization project that is too big or too small for us. We offer You complete competence and seriousness in order to gain a faster and better realization of Your ideas, and thus make them come true.

3D animation

Before making a final decision, who would not like to take a walk through their interior which looks exactly as they pictured it? Our team consists of certificated 3D experts and designers who are capable of solving the most demanding situations.

3D animation breathes life into Your designer project and allows You to walk through Your own interior in order for You to feel it before making a final choice. The overview of the furniture and the smallest details is completely photographic and allows You to experience realistically Your interior.