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Kitchen program

A kitchen is a place where You dwell all day, prepare food, where You have meals, spend time with Your loved ones, sometimes a kitchen can be a working room, and sometimes even a living room…

Start with thinking about what You want from Your kitchen, which flaws on the existing one would You like to avoid on the new one? Have You grown accustomed to something on the existing one that the new one must absolutely have?

What are some new things You would like to have in your kitchen? What are the things You will be doing in it and how much time will You be spending there? Will your kitchen be only a cooking place or a place for having snacks, hanging out… Maybe also a place where your kids will be doing their homework?

Do not worry about the positions of water and electrical installations!

We will visit You in Your home, calculate the exact space dimensions and provide You with detailed instructions.

Furnishing a kitchen is one of the biggest investments when arranging interiors, therefore it is very important for You to avoid expensive errors. There is an old saying: „ A good meal is never too expensive, a bad one always is.“ The same goes for kitchens…

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